November …

Flame Warriors by Mike Read


Someone recently reminded me about “Flame Warriors”. If you have never seen this, it takes some time to read through, but there is no doubt one or several will remind you of someone you’ve known if you frequent forums or chat blogs.

Or maybe a relative sitting across the table at Thanksgiving.

Have a fabulous November.

Be safe and count your blessings.


a September to remember


New month.
New beginning.
New mindset.
New focus.
New intentions.
New results.

August list also applies this month, except there’s no eclipse, 😉

and the full moon is a day earlier (6th) in September.

Have an awesome August


View the full moon, make a wish on August 7.

Laugh, a lot.

Listen to Live from Daryl’s House

Let go.

Thank a cop.

Watch the Safari Live migration.

Eat some chocolate.

Pay It Forward.

Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st — When, Where and How to See It

Dream big.

Count your blessings.


Congratulations, Graduates.

Except for all but a handful of Bethune-Cookman graduates.

This graduate received her loan payback plan during her ceremony.

And so the adventure begins …


Tradition at Texas State University: Jumping in the San Marcos River.



Hello April.

Have a fabulous month of April.

Plant in the garden.

Watch “April the Giraffe”.

Palm Sunday, 9th.

Look at the full moon and make a wish at 11:11pm, 11th.

Celebrate Easter, 16th.


Mow the yard.

Count your blessings.

Celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Do your taxes.

Pay It Forward.

Shop online.


Happy Spring.

Spring is nature’s way of saying: ‘Let’s Party!’  ~Robin Williams

Park In Spring Desktop Background


Hello March.

Dear March, please be good to me, my family and friends. 🙂


Homemade Coffee Shop Drinks


New Uses For Old Things.

Don’t we all have old things?

Real Simple (Magazine) is one of my top bookmarks.

New Uses For Old Things (items you already have, cost you nothing, feel-good repurposing)

This special section changes each month and can be found under the HOME heading. I have a box of unused frames. I’m making one of these tomorrow. 🙂



  1. I subscribed to Real Simple for 7 years, a waste of money. You get much more online, especially if you have the app.
  2. Warning, lol. You can get distracted easily. Like I said, this is my top bookmark and there is a ton of information at the site for all ages and interests. I even get lost in the cooking section and I don’t cook! The info is that good. 🙂

Have a great week!


New Beginnings.

My glass is half full. Half-moved is better than not moved.

July — a time to start getting the second half of the year right. 🙂

smart - car2go 2009





Have an awesome week.

Don’t forget to count your blessings. 😉