Random Topics – Rumpole

ICYMI .. link to Rumpole’s JibJabs — his two latest Lyin’ Ted & Mandy videos. They are all short and a must to see. 😀


All his hilarious political JibJabs are at his YouTube.  Subscribe for updates. Don’t forget to Like the videos.


GO Trump!



Thank Goodness It’s Spring!


Jennifer Hadfield is my #1 all-time blogger to follow.  She is brilliant and her Blog (Tatertots & Jello) is amazing. I’d like to share a nifty gift idea for a neighbor, teacher, co-worker, friend … anyone!

I am making these for my grand daughter and a few for neighbors as a good-bye note when I move. I enjoy giving inexpensive – and most importantly, practical/useful gifts.

She has a link to Amazon but I buy the EOS lip balms at Target.
Jen’s Blog, the project and instructions


Quick link to the FREE printable.

Happy Spring, y’all!  🙂

Sunday Sermon


Count your blessings!

Did you wake up this morning, are you breathing? There’s two right there.

We all have many blessing to acknowledge and remember throughout the day. Take a few minutes to count them today. Amen.

Quote on my start page today:

No matter who says what, you should accept it with a smile and do your own work.
– Mother Teresa

Oh … how I am going to remember this in the days ahead. 🙂